youth awareness & intervention

Like any health issue we are better equipped to assist or respond if we are able to recognize the signs and symptoms. Once we have identified our self, or someone we know is experiencing mental health concerns it is important to talk about it and seek assistance—just like we would a physical health issue.

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Alex’s story.

At eight months old Alex began her fight. She underwent bypass surgery at Sick Kids Hospital for a heart condition. For the first 5 years of Alex’s life, she returned to Sick Kids every month for a battery of tests. When remembering these days she speaks fondly of the staff and their dedication to children’s health. Alex arrived in Barrie at the age of 18 where she moved 7 times in a year and a half. During this time she tended to isolate in her apartment leaving only to go to school where she was upgrading her courses to start the nursing program at Georgian College. During this stressful time she was admitted to the hospital as her hallucinations were becoming increasingly worrisome. From here she was referred to CMHA Case Management. As a result of another hospitalization and her unstable living arrangements she was accepted into the Homelessness Initiative Program. Alex was ecstatic about receiving her own apartment. Alex is also a regular member of RSVP, enjoying the positive social atmosphere and activities. Alex also has been part of the ACT Team where she feels a sense of full support with coping with her Schizophrenia diagnosis. Alex is near completing her RPN with the practicum being her last goal to achieve in the program. From the care and support she has received from the professionals around her she is looking forward to working in a field that will allow her to pay it forward.