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24 Oct Start Talking Cup

Save the date!   January 15th/2019 at the Holly Recreation Centre will be the 5th Annual Start Talking Cup!   The Start Talking Cup was the dream of Jim Harris and John Kelly. A dream that would continue to grow year after year. Their vision was to shine the spotlight on the...

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27 Sep 2nd Annual “Keep Talking” gala

  Thank you to everyone for their support! it was a beautiful  and inspiring evening. $10, 300 was raised for the Youth Shine Campaign!       check it out!     [gallery ids="3832,3831,3830,3829,3828,3827,3821,3822,3823,3824,3825,3826,3820,3819,3818,3817,3816,3815,3814,3813,3812,3811,3810,3809,3803,3804,3805,3806,3807,3808,3802,3801,3800,3799,3798,3797,3796,3795,3794,3793,3792,3791,3785,3786,3787,3788,3789,3790,3784,3783,3782,3781,3780,3779,3778,3777,3776,3775,3774,3773,3767,3768,3769,3770,3771,3772,3766,3765,3764,3763,3762,3761,3755,3756,3757,3758,3759,3760,3754,3753,3752,3751,3750,3749,3748,3747,3746,3745,3744,3743,3737,3738,3739,3740,3741,3742,3736,3735,3734,3733,3732,3731,3725,3726,3727,3728,3729,3730,3724,3723,3722,3721,3720,3719,3713,3714,3715,3716,3717,3718,3712,3711,3710,3709,3708,3707,3706,3705,3704,3703,3702,3701,3695,3696,3697,3698,3699,3700,3694,3693,3692,3691,3690,3689,3683,3684,3685,3686,3687,3688,3682,3681,3680,3679,3678,3677,3676,3675,3674,3673,3672,3671,3665,3666,3667,3668,3669,3670,3664,3663,3662,3661,3660,3659,3653,3654,3655,3656,3657,3658,3652,3651,3650,3649,3648,3647,3641,3642,3643,3644,3645,3646,3640,3639,3638,3637,3636,3635,3629,3630,3631,3632,3633,3634,3628,3627,3626,3625,3624,3623,3617,3618,3619,3620,3621,3622,3616,3615,3614,3613,3612,3611,3610,3609,3608,3607,3606,3605,3599,3600,3601,3602,3603,3604,3598,3597,3596,3595,3594,3593,3592,3591,3590,3589,3588,3587,3581,3582,3583,3584,3585,3586,3580,3579,3578,3577,3576,3575,3569,3570,3571,3572,3573,3574,3568,3567,3566,3565,3564,3563,3557,3558,3559,3560,3561,3562,3556,3555,3554,3553,3552,3551,3545,3546,3547,3549,3550,3544,3543,3542,3541,3540,3539,3533,3534,3535,3536,3537,3538,3532,3531,3472"]                       Thank you to         Ryan McPhail     Thank you to our venue sponsor     Thank you to our beverage sponsor     thank you to our silver sponsors                                                                                                                                                                                                              Anahata Yoga from...

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17 Sep A Ripple of Kindness

We are so very grateful for the recent donation of $23, 000 towards the "Youth Shine" Campaign from the Ripple of Kindness group. This generous donation will fund the "Ripple of Kindness" kitchen in the new Youth Mental health & wellness centre. What is the Ripple...

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26 Jul Hockey Night in Barrie

                        Thank you for the support of $2500 towards mental health in our community!   Welcome to Hockey Night in Barrie 2018! We are thrilled to announce that the 11th Annual Hockey Night took place on Thursday August 9th, 2018 at The Barrie Molson Centre. $150, 000 was raised...

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CMHC - View Exterior

14 Jul Youth Mental Health & Wellness Centre

      YOUTH SHINE Campaign     $600, 000 is the number to make this happen! Who are we? CMHA has been offering community based care since 1960.  We provide mental health and addiction services to almost 3,000 youth across Simcoe County every year.         Our youth centre is good but could...

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28 Jun #Idonate

Why do you donate? to make a difference? to change lives? big or small, your donation matters   Join the conversation #idonate...

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27 May 7th Annual Start Talking Golf Tournament

  Thank you to everyone who made this day wonderful! We are pleased to announce $20, 366 was raised!   Check out the photos from the day.. thanks to Jessicah Davies for her photography               Thank you to our sponsors!       Platinum Sponsor Silver Sponsor Lost Ball Sponsor         Cart Sponsor       Putting Contest Sponsor   Hole Sponsors         swag...

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