Hellfire Tattoo Company-Semi-Colon event

20 Nov Hellfire Tattoo Company-Semi-Colon event






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Amazing! $5325 raised!


Hellfire Tattoo Company will be holding its 1st Annual Semicolon Event on Sunday December 2nd. If you are not familiar with the event held last year by Andrew at a previous studio it is a fundraiser in support of mental health. We will be tattooing semicolons for a minimum donation of $30 each. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association in Barrie.

We will be very busy on this day so there will be no alterations in size or colour. Our doors will open at 11AM for walk-ins only on a first come first serve basis. If you would like something more stylized, an appointment will need to be scheduled at regular price. You also do not have to get the tattoo to participate, you can simply leave a donation and that too will be given to the CMHA.

The 2 people with the highest donation will receive a gift for their contributions. For the highest donation, a $200 gift certificate will be awarded and for the second highest donation, a $100 gift certificate awarded to be redeemed at Hellfire Tattoo Company.

If mental health affects you or someone you know please come out and show your support by getting a tattoo and/or making a donation. Thank you to our sponsor, Eikon Device Inc., for helping us make this amazing event happen once again and thank you from all of us at Hellfire Tattoo Company.


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