addiction awareness

Another word for addiction is “dependence.” Dependence occurs when a person feels he or she needs the drug to function or feel comfortable. Some people come to feel they need a substance just to be able to cope with daily life Help is available. Call the Drug and Alcohol hotline (1-800-565-8603) or visit the CMHA Addiction Services site.

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John’s story.

In 2012, when John moved to Ontario he reported “feeling broken”. For as long as he could remember John struggled with addiction and depression resulting in a life of homelessness. Today John can say he has abstained from alcohol for 2 years and has been able to manage his depression. John reports this is remarkable given that he had struggled for much of his 30 years with both of the diseases.

John is grateful for the compassionate support and direction from CMHA. They not only helped him rebuild a solid foundation but gave him the tools to do so, in a respectful and kind manner. John continues to attend support groups and connect with his psychiatrist with success. Today John is proud to report he continues to maintain an apartment, work part time and volunteer with the community.