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emotional coping strategies for the holiday season.

Emotional coping strategies for the holiday season. For many people in our communities, the Holiday Season brings joy and excitement, however for many individuals feelings of grief, sadness, anger and loneliness are far too common. Here are some tips for coping during the holidays or any other stressful event:

  • Lower your expectations and make things simple; try not to compete with society’s norms
  • Dash through the snow: get 10 minutes a day of sunshine/fresh air
  • Leave the alcohol as it can increase depression
  • Try to create new traditions if the old ones bring sadness
  • Create gifts from the heart: don’t overspend
  • Avoid places that make you feel worse
  • Limit your tv and computer use…far too much is bad news
  • Take time for self care; a bath; meditation; journaling; do something you find joyful
  • Own your own emotions..if you are feeling sad. Acknowledge and accept how you feel.
  • Try not to compare your insides with other peoples outsides; perhaps they are putting on a happy face with an unhappy heart as well
  • Socialize and connect with others
  • Learn the art of deep breathing
  • Choose healthy comfort foods
  • Reduce the drama in your life
  • Accept what you can’t change; change what you can
  • Be creative; express yourself through outlets such as cooking; crafts; making a snowman
  • And because #1 is so important…it is worth repeating….expect less and keep things simple!

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